Stephenson Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham DL5 7DD


Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School



Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School is a member of Tudhoe Learning Trust and as a school team we work tirelessly to promote the Trust’s core aim:

“To work and learn together, always striving to ensure our pupils achieve their full potential and develop the skills and knowledge required for an ever changing world”

Although we are part of Tudhoe Learning Trust, as a school we have our own identity and vision. 

Our Vision for SWANS

Our vision for SWANS is to work together to provide a nurturing, supportive and inclusive environment enabling every individual to fly high, aspire and achieve. 

We want our pupils to feel happy, safe and valued and to have a respectful, caring attitude towards each other and the environment, both locally and globally.

We endeavour to make this happen by embracing 8 key aspects  of intent, using the acronym WILL READ. These 8 aspects underpin everything we do.

1. Well-being is supported

2. Independence is encouraged

3. Language and communication is expanded

4. Love of reading is promoted

5. Resilience is fostered

6. Experiences are broadened

7. Aspirations are promoted

8. Differences are celebrated

We believe that by following these 8 core aspects, we  motivate enthusiastic learners who enjoy finding out about and experiencing the world they live in. We encourage confident communicators who can express themselves appropriately in a range of different situations. We promote respectful citizens who can succeed socially and professionally, both within school and in the wider world. We develop ambitious children who strive to become the best they can be. We  nurture friendly pupils who appreciate the strengths and differences of others around them. We  support children to be self-aware, knowing how to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Working as part of a successful team our staff,  governors, parents and children were consulted in the creation of our school vision.  Together, we identified the critical elements we believe are essential to ensure every child achieves the highest levels of success during their time here with us at Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery.

SWANS don’t just fly….they soar

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