Stephenson Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham DL5 7DD


Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School



Our Star Days are all about revisiting the Wider Curriculum in fun and exciting ways!

For one day, every half term, the day's curriculum is suspended and teachers build a timetable based on revisiting aspects of the half term's learning from across the curriculum.

The idea is to provide children with additional opportunities to learn more and remember more, gaining an even deeper understanding of key information from current or recently taught topics.


"I love doing afternoon lessons in the morning!"

-Harry, Y5


"I really love Star Days - I loved learning about volcanoes again - I got mine to explode!"

-Cassie-Jo, Y3


"Star Days make my brain happy!"

-Sahasra, Y6

"It helps me with my afternoon subjects."

-Regan, Y6


"We get to do my favourite subjects all over again!"

-Layla, Y6


"Star Days are stunning! Especially getting more science!"

-Cody, Y4

"Probably one of my favourite days of the year so far!"

-Niamh, Y5


"I loved the taste testing we did in French"

-Ruby, Y4


"Star Days help to remind me what we learned in all my afternoon lessons"

-Ollie, Y6

"I loved doing a scavenger hunt for Geography because I love exploring and looking for clues"

-Freya, Y5


"I love Star Days - we get to learn about things in new ways."

-Harper, Y5


"Star Days boost my education in fun ways!"

-Nylah, Y5

"I love studying my afternoon lessons in the morning"

-Tyler, Y5


"Learning again about afternoon lessons in the morning is a great break from maths!"

-Sophia, Y6


"Star Days make me happy and excited to do my learning!"

-Jack, Y3